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Looking to Build a Profitable Photography Business you love?

Then, you are in the right place, because that's what I teach!

Heyyyy, I'm Richelle!

Who am I? I'm a wife, a mom, a Boudoir Studio owner, and a very proud Canadian! I love checklists, personal development, and am truly obsessed with whiteboarding businesses to give them an action plan to grow. After 20 years of Business & Sales experience, as well as 10 years in Photography, my Passion has become to teach Photographers how to fill their Calendar with their Dreams Clients so that they can go from a Passion to a Highly Profitable business serving the people they were meant to serve.

My Super Power is creating systems around Leads & Sales, as well as bringing businesses from zero to six figures FAST!  Let me pull back the curtain on how I have done this time and time again for our businesses and helped several serious photographers how to double and triple sales with my System. Let's help you create your own Passion to Profit Story, Double & Triple your Revenue, and Pack your Calendar with Clients who are excited to hire YOU!


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The Mission

Statistics show that 85% of Photographers fail within the 1st 2 years in business. Sadly, these Photographers who give up on their dream usually have amazing work. They think their work is the problem. It's usually NOT!

Most photographers make the mistake of focusing solely on becoming a better photographer instead of the business side of photography. So I took my experience in Business & Sales over the past 20 years and created a System called Passion to Profit for Photographers. 

This 4-step system helps them finally Master the Business side of Photography so that they can finally have a highly Profitable business filled with their dream clients.

WHY did I create that? Because I believe that you deserve to be massively successful in your photography business. You deserve to be recognized as the go-to person in your space, charging what you are worth, and you deserve the time freedom to enjoy your family.


(Passion to Profit is delivered in a Live Group Coaching format)


The Passion Phase is Figuring out Who you are, Determining Who you want to serve, and how the two come together in your Online Presence to the World and all communication so that you look Pro and attract your Ideal Clients!


In the Plan Phase, we will map out your goals, as well as your Ideal Life Calendar. During this stage, we will plan out how you will advertise based on your ideal client, as well as what your Pricing Guide will be to match your Goals.


During the Process Phase, we build & set up Tools, as well as learn how to look pro to turn leads into clients who are excited to hire you specifically. 

We’ll be covering client care & systems to keep life in balance.


In the Promote Phase, it's time to launch. Profits are the Results. Likes and comments don’t pay the bills. We’ll cover how to track your results, as well as making sure that you are making money and meeting your goals, while you go from Promotion to Promotion. 


  • You are a solid Photographer who has amazing work & all the equipment, but still need help finding and booking clients consistently
  • You are getting ghosted after responding to inquiries
  • You are consistently posting on social with little results & sales
  • You end up saying yes to all sorts of Photography jobs you aren't excited about just to get paid
  • You are so sick of duct-taping free trainings & workshops together to get all the answers you need to have a profitable business 
  • You are frustrated trying to figure out why you are not fully booked with clients, so you think that the problem is your work, your camera, your lenses, your editing style or your work in general
  • You spend time scrolling on Pinterest or IG comparing your work to others and it gets you even more discouraged
  • You are tired of being the best kept secret in your city and you are READY for change & to play all-out and build the business you deserve


  • If you finally got to focus on only the things you are PASSIONATE about shooting
  • If you finally had a clear, step-by-step PLAN on how to get consistent clients for the year who booked you for you specifically
  • If you finally had PROCESSES set up so that you looked pro to attract your dream clients, knew how to set your prices, had systems in place to convert leads into consistent clients, and automation so that you had time freedom
  • If you finally knew how to effectively PROMOTE your photography business, and could finally be recognized for your work and be Profitable.


Business Coaching to Fast Track your Success!

Tired of being the best kept secret in your city? Ever wish that you could just talk to someone about your Photography Business Struggles so that they could direct you on exactly what you need to do and fix? You have so many unanswered questions, so many missing pieces, and if you could just get clear on what to do, it would change...well, everything for you! Let's get this going! Let's hop on a call and create your Action Plan to CRUSH YOUR GOALS! 

Book a 'Passion to Profit Strategy SESSION'.

In this session, you will:

  1. Get a clear vision on the kind of clients you are trying to attract
  2. Discover blind spots that could be sabotaging your success and holding you back
  3. Leave the session with clarity on next steps to take your business for massive results & a successful business!


Join Us in the VIP Private Facebook Group, where we discuss the Business Side of Photography and taking your business to the next level so that you can finally fill your calendar with your dream clients and run a profitable business!


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