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About Jaques & Richelle

Our Passion to Profit Story

When I met Jaques, I was a Full Time Wedding Planner running a very busy wedding planning business, and Jaques was at a crossroads trying to get out of his Private Investigator job that took him far from home and his son. Jaques had one main passion: photography. So I suggested that we open a wedding photography business together. How perfect: a wedding planner and a photographer.

Jaques was hesitant as he didn't know anything about weddings. I also didn't know a thing about photography! But, I used the same strategy that I used to create success in my Wedding Planning Business (my 4-step Methodology: Passion to Profit System). The result: as a non-photographer, I helped Jaques pre-book 50 weddings in our first year in business!

We just started with a passion and a desire to change our lives and deliver something amazing to our community. Now, we are known in our city as the tiny outgoing red head and the quiet talented photographer and our couples excitedly refer us to all of their friends and family.

When we first got started, a friend told me that there were rumours in our city that Richelle just woke up one day and decided she was a photographer, but when we started being some of the busiest photographers in the city, photographers who had been in business for years started asking us how we were doing this. Becoming a better photographer is a daily task, but it was the step-by-step proven methodology that I created got us there.

I am not going to tell you that it was easy for us and that it all came together painlessly, because nothing is further from the truth, LOL. Jaques & I had to learn the hard way how to build a business as a husband and wife team, go through the growing pains of learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and assign roles so that we both were doing the tasks that we were best at.

The stories of us getting there are countless. From Jaques being nervous to talk to brides, to me failing miserably at learning how to shoot. When we get to know each other, ask me how I learned to shoot... you’ll die!!! And ask me the most embarrassing thing I said to Zach & Jody Gray at an intimate photography workshop, LOL!

There were days we wanted to quit, I had days that I cried over learning technical photography stuff, but if I finally learned how to shoot, and Jaques finally learned to have a conversation with humans, then YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL, my friend! LOL!


My Biggest Passion!

My biggest passion over the years has been to help Photographers find their inner passion like I did for Jaques and help them see what is possible. But more than extracting their inner dream, I love helping them make a plan so that they can run successful and profitable businesses and design it in a way that they have time for the things that matter to them.

If you decide to work with us, I can’t wait to see what we help you create! Cheers to a life of fulfillment!

Jaques & Richelle Scheepers specialize in Wedding & Boudoir photography in Windsor, Ontario,  Canada. They have shot over 200 weddings and countless engagement & boudoir sessions.


About Jaques

Jaques comes from a cool background: Army, Scuba Diving Instructor, and Private Investigator. Jaques never knew that his lifelong love for photography would turn into a business until he met Richelle and they merged their 2 passions: Photography and Wedding Planning. Contrary to popular belief, Jaques doesn’t speak French, he speaks Afrikaans. He is from South Africa, and he doesn’t have an accent according to him, LOL. When Jaques isn’t shooting, you’ll find him with the family, watching army movies, or playing Airsoft. Just being a boy, basically. :)

Jaques has a passion for tech and the stuff he knows about photography truly blows me away. I’m like...where do you store all this information? If you have photography or equipment questions, he is your guy!

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About Richelle

Richelle took a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management and was trained by CP hotels, one of the highest standards in the hotel industry.  Her love for service excellence drew her to wedding planning. She was a Wedding Planner for 5 years and planned over 100 weddings before meeting Jaques and merging their businesses together in 2012. She is from a super small town in Quebec where no one speaks English, so she is passionate about her kids knowing French like she does. She grew up on a farm with no neighbours, but has always loved the city.  So as soon as she was of college age, she worked in large hotels in Denver, San Diego, and Toronto. She loves being around people and making them laugh! The thing she is most passionate about is family & entrepreneurship. When she is not shooting, you’ll find her hanging out with family, driving the kids somewhere, learning Spanish and Sign Language, working out or listening to personal development!

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