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You are The Secret to your Success in your Photography Business by The Photography Business Coach

Did you know that you are the secret to your success? Yes, I know, I know, there are circumstances out there that we can’t control. But I promise you if you focus on what you can control, you will be amazed at what you can create.


With every 1 on 1 student that I take on, we always go through these 4 pillars of business success. It works in every type of business.


#1. Figure out your PASSION and direction, who you are and who are are meant to serve.


#2. Figure out your PLAN of action and build your life & business by design. I always recommend that you start with your life 1st and fit your business around it.


#3. Set up your PROCESSES in a way that you are not tied to your business 24/7.


#4. Set up and attract your dream clients by PROMOTING. Promoting your business is not a Facebook or Instagram post. You must have many avenues of advertising in order to see Profit.


Most importantly, who do you NEED TO BE AND SHOW UP AS in order...

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You Can be a Pitiful or Powerful Photographer, but you can't be Both | The Photography Business Coach

Yessssss, girl!!!

This is my first Blog Post on this site, and how fitting, because I am going to give you some encouragement (because I'm your cheerleader after all), and a little 'tough love'. Don't worry, I mean well, girl, LOL!

One of my favourite Life coaches & preachers of all time is Joyce Meyer. She tells you how it is straight up without apologizing. Sometimes we need a little of that, wouldn’t you say? She always says: "You can be Pitiful or Powerful, but you can't be both!" Oof!! I don't know about you, but that hits me hard, wakes me up and encourages me all at the same time.


In a time where the world seems to have gone mad and some days we don’t know where up is from down, we need to just quiet the noise, shut it off, get centered and focus on our goals.



Because what you think about and focus on becomes your life. The more you think about and focus on what you can’t do and can’t control, the more defeated you will feel....

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